Annoying people at the supermarket!

We’ve all been there.. a trip to the supermarket that you think will be a quick dash in and out.. which ends up being a total nightmare. (If you have kids then this is DOUBLE the nightmare!)

I loathe trips to the supermarket because PEOPLE at the supermarket annoy me! Why, you ask? Well read on and then tell me if these apply to you at all. I guarantee at least five will!

The kids..oh god the kids!

You have the little toddler forcefully strapped in the child seat in the shopping cart, bawling at the top of his or her head and the mother is blissfully unaware. Of course, comparing sizes of the tomatoes are way more important.

Aisle stealers

You turn into an aisle and see people on either side fully taking up all the space either with their shopping cart or themselves. You can cough, you can make noise to hint you are coming and you can even stand there till they get that they need to move. But still, they are unaware. So what do you do? Turn around and find a longer route to get to the products you want? Or do what I do? Crash my shopping cart into theirs and give them a glare as you push past, whilst secretly hoping you don’t bump into them in the next aisle.

The stalkers

You see a person in an aisle. Both of you reach for the milk. Exchange a polite smile. Then go about your business. Except you also see them approaching when you grab the bread. And again when you eagerly pick up the two for three deal on the candy. Whichever aisle you go in, you see them there. It’s like they are following you, even though you know they aren’t. So what do you do? Keep the polite smiles going till you both check out? Or do what I do, quickly change aisles when you see them coming, also bumping into the old lady, making her yell out “For the love of God!” which in turn makes the person look at you anyway and then of course it’s even more awkward than those small polite smiles you should have stuck with in the first place.

The cringey couples

You’ve all seen them. The cute little woman whose arm never leaves her boyfriend’s whilst they are shopping.

“Darling do you fancy dessert tonight?”

“Oh babe, remind me to get the teabags”

“Sweetheart, the mangoes look so delish!”

One word. Puke. 

That is all.

The lazy ones

You know that shopping cart you see that has been abandoned? Yet it is full of food and drink? And then you spot a man walking about, eyes wandering at products whilst walking quite fast?  Yep that’s the guy who owns that shopping cart. He basically decided he didn’t want to push his cart to each aisle. Why not leave it on one side and walk to the product and then walk back to his shopping cart. Easy peasy, no tricky cart manouveres required. Stop. Don’t. It’s blocking my way and I hate it. And I won’t hesitate to add random products in.

The couponers

Just when you think it is nearing the end at the checkout, you are stuck behind that woman that has a million items to checkout. Not only that, she has a years worth of coupons and will literally go through each item of price checking and couponing. I  roll my eyes at these women, check my watch in an obvious manner and end up hating myself when I realize she has saved more than I ever would. Stupid woman.


And there are many more annoying people I encounter but that’s just a hint.

Maybe I should stick to online shopping. Hmm



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